Jack Grealish the football menace takes winning to another level

Jack Grealish the football menace takes winning to another level

Work hard, play harder? 

Jack Grealish celebrations
Jack Grealish celebrations / Twitter - Drunk GreIlish

To thrive at the highest level, professional footballers need to commit to gruelling training regimens, the strictest diets, and a seemingly endless schedule of fixtures. All of this is paired with the pressure of the expectations of millions of passionate fans. 

When you achieve the beautiful game’s loftiest heights, you could probably be forgiven for letting off some steam, right? 

Well, Jack Grealish is taking it to the next level.

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It was a historic treble trophy parade for Manchester City fans after the English football team won the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League, and the FA Cup - a feat only one other English football team has ever achieved!

The City superstar is making headlines around the world for his epic post-match celebrations following his side’s historic treble. 

Grealish appeared to take on the role of the Emperor of the Win, as he chaired the change-room shenanigans, before blasting tunes from a boombox in this clip. 

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Since then, Grealish has been seen dousing himself in champagne and basking in the glory of the maniacal City fans during the victory parade. Through the mayhem, he’s continued to post online. 

It remains unclear whether or not Grealish has even changed out of his match kit.

Some fans feel that he may be having a little too much fun, but we reckon that Jack has earned this Ripper. 

Stay tuned for more, as we spot signs of Grealish’s inevitable headache.

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