EXCLUSIVE: Craig David and Danny Guselli rendezvous in Cape Town

EXCLUSIVE: Craig David and Danny Guselli rendezvous in Cape Town

The Danny and Craig bromance just reached a whole new level - and it's wholesome!

Craig David and Danny Guselli rendezvous in Cape Town/East Coast Radio

Craig David is in South Africa and Danny Guselli took a trip down to Cape Town to finally meet the man he has been becomes 'besties' with over the past few months.

If you missed it, you can catch up on all of it below.

Danny and Craig will sit down for an exclusive interview ahead of Craig's performance in Cape Town on the 8th of December 2022.

But that's not all!

We'll be bringing you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what goes on before, during, and after the show, so stay tuned to this blog for all the action and follow East Coast Radio on social media, so we can fill you in and make you feel like you're right there with Danny!


Have you ever got a tattoo inspired by an artist you love - whilst interviewing them at the same time?

Yes, people have gotten tattooed on radio before, but no one has ever interviewed a celebrity whilst getting a tattoo inspired by the artist being interviewed! 

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In this fascinating interview, the two lads chatted about some incredibly exciting things - including the story behind the Craig David-inspired tattoo.

Danny gets a Craig David-inspired tattoo whilst interviewing Craig David:

Here's a little breakdown of Danny Guselli's interview with Craig David:

  • Danny telling Craig David that he will be getting a tattoo while interviewing him
  • Danny describing the significance of the tattoo
  • Craig David's TS5 Parties around the world and how Craig winds down afterwards 
  • The breakdown of music on the album and what we can expect
  • The song on his new album that reminds him of his first album 'Born to Do it'

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Danny is the only person in the world who knows this - it's not even in Craig's book.

Listen to the full interview below with Danny Guselli and Craig David below:


Listen to Craig David's new single, DNA, with Galantis below:


Danny and Craig had such a laugh and also got incredibly deep. 

They chatted about; football, his mum, Lewis Hamilton, finding yourself, his new song, his collab, Generations, the celeb he was starstruck by, future plans and, more...

If you missed Danny's first interview with Craig, listen to the interview below:

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