Toilet chancer's luck may have run out

Toilet chancer's luck may have run out

A toilet chancer may have been officially caught out after a pub put a sign up about him.

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When you need to go, you need to go. Sometimes you can’t help it when you need to use a loo. If home is far away, you make do with the closest lavatory. You don't really have a choice!

A pub in Glasgow took action against a chancer who kept coming into their bar to make use of their lavatory without purchasing anything. The chancer thought that he would not be noticed as he slipped in and out to use the loo. But he was noticed and the pub decided that they had to take a stand against the chancer. 

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They decided to write a note on their blackboard letting the chancer know that he has been caught out. Have a look below at the most hilarious, passive aggressive note we have ever seen!

I personally feel that the pub should feel honoured that there is someone out there who chooses to use their toilets for their daily business.

 In fact, I would go so far as to say the pub should name the lavatory after the guy, with a sign on the door with his name on it.


I mean, he clearly thinks the toilet is there solely for his use!

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Although there is also a part of me that thinks the guy is just totally taking the piss!

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