South African police station turned into hair salon

South African police station turned into hair salon

Not so long ago a video of a policewoman on the phone with DSTV while the public waited for her assistance went viral. Now police stations have been turned into salons for co-workers instead of assisting the public.

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Police stations are a place of refuge for almost everyone. Whether it's to complain about strange noises outside your house or certifying your ID, your local police station is the go-to place. 

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Not so long ago, South Africa was left outraged by a police officer in full police gear who was on the phone with DSTV sorting out her account while the public waited for her to attend to them and their more pressing issues. 

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Just when we thought things couldn't get any worse, they have. According to All 4 Women, a police station in Madadeni turned into a hair salon as the public waited to be assisted. This video, which has since gone viral, was filmed by Thully Nkosi from Newcastle in KZN. 

In the video, female officers can be seen styling each others hair. Now the one question we have is why are public services not serving the public? The only people they seem to be serving are themselves.

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Also, our police minister is very active on Twitter. One can't help but wonder if he is as active in his job, duties, and role as he is on Twitter... 

Is he just tweeting or is actual action being taken? 

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