Rory has something ‘very Durban’ to sell

Rory has something ‘very Durban’ to sell

The East Coast Drive producer and resident comedian has posted an item for sale on Facebook, and it’s proving to be quite popular!

rory petzer supplied

If you’ve lived in Durban for longer than a week, you’ll know that plastic containers are never thrown away. Anything from margarine tubs to ice-cream dishes are considered gold in Durban.

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These 'dishes' are used for things like left-over food, lunch boxes, takeaway boxes for guests, and even garlic or ginger storage. 

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So, when I finished my ice-cream last night, I decided that I could not discard the container. With a cupboard already over-flowing with them, I decided to place an advert.

Take a look below and let me know if you’re interested in this popular item for sale: 

rory ice cream new

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