Romantic couple photobombed by disapproving stranger

Romantic couple photobombed by disapproving stranger

This goes to show that you should always check your surroundings before taking a picture.

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There’s nothing better than a photo. It has the ability to capture moments that have been frozen in time. It can capture both good and really awkward moments as well. 

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If you know anything about visiting Disney World, you would know that it has a certain knack of bringing out the best in people. However, there are some individuals who are just plain miserable. 

The lady in the photo below is a prime example of this. When a couple were out recently out at Disney World in Orlando, this lady was seen lurking in the background photobombing their attempt to sneak a kiss. 

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Why was this woman so disgusted by their public display of affection? Did she hate their matching t-shirts or just hate being there? Who knows? From our side, she should smile and enjoy - it is the festive season after all.

Have a look at the photobomb posted by the brother of the girl in the photo below:

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