The prodigal son who disowned the family now wants to come back

The prodigal son who disowned the family now wants to come back

How much sympathy would you have for someone who deserted you and the family once they had millions... but once misfortune hit, they wanted to be welcomed back home?

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Bongani shared a story of a friend of his who had nothing and was fortunate enough to land a very big tender of R50-million. 

That tender seemed to change his life, but not entirely for the better. 

He wrote off his family, never contacted them or assisted them financially as he now had enough money to live without ever needing them again. He was rude to them and never gave them a cent. 

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He was then investigated by the Hawks, and long story short, he lost everything! 

Now, he's crawling back to his family for help to get back on his feet. It's created a massive divide in his extended family as well, with some telling the immediate family to take him back, while others want to kick him out completely for the way he treated everyone when he had money. 

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This guy left his his own family to go live the high life - and now he wants to welcomed home. What would you do? 

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