Plane forced to make emergency landing on freeway

Plane forced to make emergency landing on freeway

A never-seen-before moment captured on camera shows a plane dodging traffic and safely landing on a freeway.

plane lands on freeway
Thomas Lupski / YouTube

Landing a plane on a clear runway is never an easy task for pilots. Now think about a pilot having to land on a freeway! 

According to the Virascoop, a pilot identified as Jim O'Donnell flying a Cessna 206 was forced to make a courageous emergency landing on a Long Island highway. 

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This incident could have been a disastrous one, however thanks to Jim's incredible flying skills, he was able to dodge a highway sign and fly under an overpass without even a scratch on the plane.   

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This remarkable emergency landing caused no harm to any road users.    

Warning: This video contains profanity.

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