Ntando Duma accuses Junior De Rocka of abuse and being a deadbeat dad

Ntando Duma accuses Junior De Rocka of abuse and being a deadbeat dad

The Twitter streets have been set ablaze by Ntando Duma and her deadbeat dad accusations towards Junior De Rocka.

dumantando / instagram
dumantando / instagram

Parenting isn't easy, especially as a responsibility for a young couple opting to co-parent.

The feud on social media started earlier this week after Junior De Rocka and friends posted about giving away charitable goodies at a secondary school, prompting Ntando to accuse Junior De Rocka of neglecting his own flesh and blood, their one-year-old daughter, Sbahle.

Ntando also shocked a lot of people when she stated that Junior De Rocka beat her up when she was two months pregnant, after she found him in bed with another woman.

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Junior De Rocka responded to these deadbeat dad allegations, but not to the abuse allegations:

Black Twitter is all abuzz. The conversation has gone from 'Is three thousand for maintenance really enough?' to discussing how much people are really paying their nannies/help.

Raising babies certainly isn't cheap.

Junior De Rocka lives a very lavish life, constantly posting images of Moet bottles, Versace outfits, and expensive watches. Is what he is currently contributing fair?

Main image courtesy of Instagram/@dumantando

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