"My father paid R10,000 for a case of whiskey"

"My father paid R10,000 for a case of whiskey"

Most people are suffering from the lockdown regulations that have been imposed on the country, especially since alcohol and cigarette sales have been prohibited. 

Alcohol sales
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East Coast Drive wanted to talk about the banning of cigarettes and alcohol again today.

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Last week many of you admitted that you are still buying cigarettes and alcohol even though it is banned. Today we were on a mission to find the person in KZN who has paid the most for a carton of cigarettes or bottle alcohol.

KZN did not hold back last time, and we have recently heard horror stories of what some people are paying for cigarettes and alcohol. 

Listen to what KZN had to say about the exorbitant prices they paid to get their hands on these now illegal items:

We need to also just say that we are in no way encouraging anyone to buy anything illegally!

Read all the Facebook comments here:

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