LISTEN: Bongani's hilarious top five January survival tips

LISTEN: Bongani's hilarious top five January survival tips

January is always the longest month of the year and for some people, payday is still over a week away. So Bongani decided to give us his hilarious top five tips for surviving until the end of the month.

Bongani Mtolo
Nobuntu Swartbooi

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It's the new year, but we haven't forgotten about Bongani's great top five tips feature. 

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We have all probably gone through our savings we had put aside for January, because so much needed to be done and paid for. 

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"If you have any spare time over the weekend, simply loiter where ever you see more than three cars parked together. There is a very good chance the people will assume you were protecting their vehicles and give you a R2 coin when they return."

Listen to the podcast to hear what more Bongani had to say.

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