Linda Mtoba: "Drinking breast milk is actually quite healthy"

Linda Mtoba: "Drinking breast milk is actually quite healthy"

The beautiful Linda Mtoba recently became a first-time mom to a beautiful baby girl, 'Bean' - and South Africa is just as excited as she is. 

Linda Mtoba and Bongani Mtoba 2
Nobuntu Swartbooi

Listen to the podcast or read below:

On Thursday, we had the extremely beautiful and talented Linda Mtoba in studio with the Drive Team. 

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Bongani had a chat with Mtoba about everything life-related, her job, and definitely about her new bundle of joy.

"I feel like breastfeeding in public is really natural and normal. I'm just so scared that one day I'll forget to put it back and walk around with my breast sticking out. I always do it at home and my husband has to remind me to put it back," Mtoba said.

Listen to the podcast to hear what more Mtoba had to say about her life right now:

Watch Linda look so dreamy with her baby girl:

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