KZN weighs in on tobacco and alcohol ban during lockdown

KZN weighs in on tobacco and alcohol ban during lockdown

This lockdown has been difficult for the entire country, and the banning of the sale of a few vice items such as tobacco and liquor has put a damper on many people's daily lives. 

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There is currently a petition circling that calls for an end to the ban on alcohol sales. The petition has started trending on twitter with the #SignThePetition hashtag, but not everyone agrees with it.

 “We trust Cyril Ramaphosa implicitly with this pandemic and we fully believe that he is doing the very best he can, considering the circumstances. Nobody would like to be the President of South Africa right now and no matter what you do, there are going to be people disagreeing with you.” Gordon said

East Coast Drive then asked KZN if they agreed with the current ban on the sale of cigarettes and alcohol.  

"Cigarettes I don't understand. Alcohol I can! But people panic bought alcohol before the lockdown. People have been drinking at home as is. Now that they've run out, they've started looting bottle stores. Give the people what they need, and all should be well again" says Bonita Braum.

Read what the rest of KZN had to say.

We spoke to Tax Justice South Africa Founder, Yusuf Abramjee. Listen below to what he had to say. 

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