Iggy Azalea wins 'Women of the Year' at GQ Awards

Iggy Azalea wins 'Woman of the Year' at GQ Awards

Iggy's new title may not only have gone to her head but also a little further down to her southern region.

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Australian born rapper, singer, songwriter and actress Iggy Azalea is going straight to the top. She is well known for her "fancy" dress sense and her mad rap skills. 

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This past Wednesday, she had the honour of accepting the 'Woman of the Year' at the GQ awards in Sydney. In true Iggy style, she had to make sure that she was dressed for the occasion. Iggy was spotted on the red carpet wearing a black blazer, draped with long chains over her chest and no top underneath. 

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She was extremely excited about winning the award. She did not even have time to prepare a speech. But the comment she made next to The Herald Sun is sending waves through social media. "I have won a lot of awards of the last few years but this one means the absolute most to me because I can finally say I have an award winning vagina", said a beaming Iggy. 

Well congratulations goes out to you, Iggy.  Your waiting has paid off and you can finally own the title that you truly deserve. She must've been so glad to get that off her bare-chest that night.


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