‘Hammer Head’ smashes his way into the record books

‘Hammer Head’ smashes his way into the record books

Ouch! This man definitely deserves the title of ‘Hammer Head’! 

hammer headman

This man attempted to smash his way into the record books with his thick skull.

John Ferraro, also known as ‘Hammer Head’, has a skull thicker than the average human.  

He was recently on the Italian version of the Guinness World Records show where he hammered 38 nails into a board with only his skull. And he did it under two minutes. Wow! 

According to Huffington Post, not only did he break the record for hammering in the nails, but he also currently holds a record for ‘Most concrete blocks broken on the head with a bowling ball in three minutes’. 

Some call his talent pretty crazy and dangerous. We definitely don’t recommend trying this at home. 

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Take a look at his smashing video below:

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