"Growing up, my mom used to trick me," confesses Bongani

"Growing up, my mom used to trick me," confesses Bongani

How did your parents trick or lie to you when they had to leave the house without you as a child?

Thabile Mashaba

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Bongani shares how when he was a kid, he would hear his mom getting ready to head out, and he'd get all excited and wonder where they were going for the day? 

He'd wait at the car, and picture all these exciting things like movies, takeaways, ice-cream, the beach, shopping centers, and all the fun things being outside of home holds. 

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Bongani's mom would come out to the car and tell him to go back inside and put his shoes on and rub vaseline on his face. He'd run inside all excited to go out for the day, get inside, rub vaseline on his face, and, of course, struggle to find one shoe because of all the excitement. 

After eventually finding the shoe, he would run outside only to find that she'd drivenoff without him.

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Did you experience anything like this when you were a child? Let us know below.

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