This Gender Reveal Party went hilariously wrong

This Gender Reveal Party went hilariously wrong

A simple mistake by a balloon shop has everyone laughing uncontrollably. 

gender reveal couple

Having a baby is very exciting, but it involves a lot of planning before the arrival of the little one. 

The latest craze is for expectant parents to host a Gender Reveal Party, where they invite friends, family, and loved ones to reveal to them the gender of the baby. 

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Fun ways to reveal the baby’s gender include; cutting a cake to reveal the color inside, using colored cupcakes, or even balloons. 

A video of a Minnesota couple has emerged showing them at their Gender Reveal Party, with friends and family present. 

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They decided to go with the balloon idea to make it a bit more exciting and hired a balloon shop to assist. 

But what they found when they opened the box filled with balloons was so funny that it had everyone laughing along. 

Have a look at the hilarious gender reveal below...

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