#FitU with Phindi Gule: 'Five 2018 Exercise Trends'

#FitU with Phindi Gule: 'Five 2018 Exercise Trends'

There are a variety of options to try out, from kickboxing and boutique boxing to mixed martial arts. It really all depends on how tough you consider yourself to be.

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1. HIIT – High-intensity interval training

HIIT simply entails alternating between short intervals of high- and low-intensity activity. So if you’re jogging at a steady pace, sprint intermittently for 30 seconds. Sounds exciting but be mindful that vigorous activity increases the risk of injury, so if you’re not sure how physically fit you are, it’s best you get a physical exam before you jump on it.

2. Body weight training

It’s the best way to avoid pricey gym memberships because all you need is your body. Body weight training works multiple muscles at the same time. You MUST know what are doing, though!

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3. Strength training

It’s has been around for ages, so we can hardly call it a new trend, but rather a form of training that’s here to stay. We’re way past that period where the weights section at the gym was a men’s only section. More women are starting to stack those barbells as they squat, deadlift, and lunge.

Strength Training also includes bench presses, push-ups, pull-ups, and core exercises (planking, ab rolling, hanging leg raises).

4. Heated fitness classes

Hot Yoga was the first of this kind and heated cycling studios have been around in the US for a few years now. This new attraction to heat training is based on the fact that being drenched in sweat within minutes of training creates the feeling of a more fulfilling workout.

But be careful not to exercise in a room where the temperature has been cranked up too high because it may result in heat stroke. Not ideal.

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5. Boxing

This is a highly recommended form of stress relief for women. Not only does it take your mind off things, but throwing punches at a bag or in the air also works out your whole body.

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