#EastCoastDriveAround: Bongani uncovers #ECRSecretSound clue after hitchhiking around Durban

#EastCoastDriveAround: Bongani uncovers Secret Sound clue after hitchhiking around Durban

Mags sent Bongani chasing his tail around Durban on Wednesday looking for Secret Sound clues - and he finally found one where he least expected it.

Bongani Mtolo
Nobuntu Swartbooi

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On Wednesday, the Drive team decided to do a #EastCoastDriveAround, sending Bongani hitchhiking lifts from listeners to source #ECRSecretSound Heat Seeker clues. 

Read: Bongani to hitchhike around Durban for #ECRSecretSound Heat Seeker clues

Bongani complained a while ago about no one winning the Secret Sound worth R25,000 yet and said that something should be done about it.

Our Executive Producer, Rory was able to put a plan together where Bongani would get lifts from listeners so he could pick up the cues along the way. 

It was such a fun, eventful day. Bongani was tired, hungry, and crabby by the end of the last clue.

Watch the live videos below:

Watch the video below to find out about what the clue was

Thank you for KZN for all the support and for being so helpful along the way! 
How to enter the Secret Sound

All you need to do is SMS the word 'Secret', 'Your Name' and 'Your Guess' to 33116 at the cost of R1,50. T's & C's apply!

DISCLAIMER: The Secret Sound Heat Seeker amounts will be determined solely at the discretion of the executive producer. The Heat Seeker amounts will be determined by criteria decided upon by the executive producer, and as such, will be subjective. The Heat Seeker amounts should be used only as a guide. The Heat Seeker amounts for each guess will not be explained nor discussed at any time during or after each Secret Sound.

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