East Coast Drive shares their holiday road safety checklist

East Coast Drive shares their holiday road safety checklist

Public holidays and long weekends are on the way over the next few weeks. Since there will be an increase in traffic, the Drive Team have decided to share some tips to help you be safe out on the roads.

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Can you believe that it is nearly the end of March? Where has time gone? 

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Thankfully, over the next few weeks, we have much-needed short breaks to help us catch our breaths and rest with our loved ones.

While we all want to have fun, the Drive team wants East Coasters to be safe, sober and alert on our roads. That's why they've put together a safety checklist for you. 

Here are some things you need to check before hitting the road:

  • Vehicle lights and electrical system
  • Make sure your windows and wipers are working 
  • Brakes
  • Battery
  • Filters and fluids like engine oil and water
  • Tyres (including the spare tyre)
  • Child seats (if you are carrying your little on aboard)

Follow this list and you'll be guaranteed that your trip will be off to a great start.

Happy travelling! 

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