This dad's party trick will blow your mind!

This dad's party trick will blow your mind!

This 60-year-old step dad has got some serious skills! He uses insane yoga party trick to drink beer off his forehead - without using his hands!


In this viral video below you see this man illustrate just how easy it is to drink beer from your forehead without using any hands.

In the clip shared by his step daughter shows the man balancing a beer on his head, he then slowly lowers himself towards the floor lifting up his legs and picking up the glass with his knees!

That isn’t even the best part of it yet - the man performs a backward roll until he is able to put the beer down on the carpet.

He manages to end his party trick successfully by leaning forward toward the glass and picks it up with his mouth to down it in one go!

This guy seriously deserves a high five. 

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