Celebrating World Toilet Day

Celebrating World Toilet Day

19 November is World Toilet Day and Phat Joe is taking a stand against poor sanitation in our schools

world toilet day

The sanitation situation in South African schools is bad. So bad that of 24 000 public schools in South Africa, only 8000 have flushing toilets.

Some schools in South Africa have over 1000 learners and no working toilets.


The problem is, that poor sanitation leads to diseases, which mean children end up spending more time sick in bed than learning in the classroom. Some kids avoid school altogether because of the terrible toilet situation.


Our kids deserve better than this! They are our future. It’s time someone took a stand.

That’s why I’m supporting Domestos this World Toilet Day.

Already over 500 000 learners have been reached in over 600 South African schools, and have been given access to improved sanitation through the Domestos school renovation and hygiene education programmes.  


Since 2010, Domestos has renovated 26 school bathrooms and the result in those schools was that attendance increased by 80%.

Watch and share the video below with the hashtags #WorldToiletDay . #WeArePissedOff to raise awareness and show your support this World Toilet Day

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