Bongani's heartfelt message to his sons

Bongani's heartfelt message to his sons

"Lwazi and Kwezi, you need to know that you have parents who love you more than they love themselves. You are literally the reason we wake up in the morning and do what we do." - Bongani Mtolo

Bongani with his mic / Instagram
Bongani with his mic / Instagram

Listen to Bongani's message to his sons, or read more below;

Earlier this week we spoke about the Malaysian teenager who took her own life after Instagram poll and this got Bongani thinking about his own sons and what they may experience as they approach their teenage years. 

The Malaysian teenager posted an Instagram poll asking if she should live or die, took her own life after a majority of respondents voted for the latter, sparking calls for an investigation.

The parents did not blame the social media respondents but instead asked for the social media platform to place stricter measures in place, to prevent the same incident from happening in the future. 

There are 23 suicide a day recorded in South Africa and 230 serious attempts. Looking out for a friend or loved one is an important part of preventing suicides.

You can call the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG)  to talk on behalf of a loved one, colleague, or friend. Trained counsellors are there to help and refer you to local counsellors, facilities and Support Groups.  

0800 21 22 23  (8am to 8pm)

0800 12 13 14  (8pm to 8am)

Or SMS 31393.

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