Awks! Kim Kardashian hilariously asks Tristan Thompson to unblock her

Awks! Kim Kardashian hilariously asks Tristan Thompson to unblock her

Getting blocked on social media can be painful, but asking to be unblocked is just plain awkward.

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Screenshot: Twitter video

If you've ever been a 'victim' of being blocked on social media before, you would know that it has to be one of the most awkward things ever - especially if you run into the person from time to time. While many choose to ignore the situation, others tend to fight it head-on and confront the person. 

Kim Kardashian chose the latter when she hilariously and awkwardly asked Tristan Thompson, Khloé's boyfriend, to unblock her on Instagram. 

A few months ago, Kim shared her views on national TV about Tristan's alleged cheating scandal which occurred days before his daughter True was born. Tristan, in turn, ended up blocking Kim on Instagram. Awks! 

Kim and Tristan found themselves together at Khloé's birthday dinner, and she couldn't have thought of a more opportune moment to tackle the issue - in quite the awkward fashion. 

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She took to her Instagram stories to ask her followers if she should ask him to unblock her or not. Being put on the spot, Tristan chuckles and replies: "For Khloé’s birthday it’s only right. I got you."

Way to go Tristan for taking the first step to mending fences with Kim. 

Have you ever confronted a friend who blocked you on social media? How did it turn out?

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