9-year-old raises funds for his own adoption

9-year-old raises funds for his own adoption

This is one of those stories. This is one brave, determined kid. 


A little boy opened up a lemonade stand to raise legal fees to pay for his adoption.

Four years ago, Tristin Jacobson's biological mother dumped him on the doorstep of a Missouri shelter.

A woman by the name of Donnie Davis has been looking after him ever since.

9-year-old Tristin started a lemonade stand to pay for the legal fees for Donnie to adopt him.

The lemonade stand story went viral and was a resounding success, raising $14000, which is $9000 more than target.

The remainder will go towards Tristin's college education.

We love this story!

Well done, Tristin. You are a hero. You are a soldier. 

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