20 things you didn't know about Phat Joe

20 things you didn't know about Phat Joe

It's what you've been waiting for - here is EVERYTHING you need to know about the new East Coast Drive show's host Phat Joe. 

phat joe

His unique presentation style, lips smacking radio charm, larger than life personality and infectious ability to connect with his audience promises to bring a refreshing and renewed energy to the late afternoon slot.

If you don't know Phat Joe get to know him now!

1. I’m a single father.

2. I studied electronic engineering.

3. I’ve attended three universities: University of Cape Town, University of South Africa, University of North Carolina.

4. Phat Joe is a stage name. I came up with for my first show at Yfm.  The name comes from the fact that I used to tell Fat Mama jokes on air.

5. I’m very well endowed.

6. I’m shy.

7. I’ve been engaged twice and both times the relationship ended.

8. Music and Radio is my first natural love

9. I don’t think of myself as controversial, but rather as someone who cares about the audience.

10. I was fired once from a breakfast radio show.

11. I love negative energy and it never upsets me.

12. I’ve done things with a group of us in the studio that could've gotten me fired.

13. As a kid I was awesome and had a greenbelt in Karate.

14. I just jog and do push-ups.

15. Extremely foreign food scares me.

16. I have a special place in my heart for Victoria Falls on the Zambia side.

17. I’m a Pretoria born South African of Zulu, Sotho, Swazi, and white descent.

18. My entire childhood was spent in the United States.

19. I have been arrested and thrown into prison.

20. I spent some time in Durban as youngster and my father had a house in Westville.

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