10 fun facts about Drive Show producer Rory Petzer

10 fun facts about Drive Show producer Rory Petzer

Today is Rory’s birthday and we asked him to submit fun facts about himself. Here they are...

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If you know him or have been around him, you are bound to have had a good laugh or two. 

Rory is a natural at making people laugh hysterically with his funny jokes and puns. 

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Today Rory celebrated his birthday and we asked him to submit a list of fun facts that you never knew about him. Have a look at his list below:

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1. Rory, together with his dad, built his first ever car from scratch. It was a 1970-odd Austin Mini.


2. While you speak to him, Rory corrects your grammar and spelling in his head (yeah, we don't know either!). This is why you often just get a blank stare from him with little or no response.


3. Rory is in two Coldplay music videos. 


4. Rory's first ever job was at a beach front roadhouse in Port Elizabeth over December holidays when he was just 15 years old.


5. Rory's first ever job in radio was as a sports presenter and journalist at Algoa FM in Port Elizabeth.

6. Rory's brain always (ALWAYS) has at least 328 tabs open at any given point.


7. Rory has an Honours Degree in French Literature.


8. Rory's favourite book ever is Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

9. Rory gets impatient behind people who stand still on escalators. Don't stand still in front of Rory on an escalator.

10. Rory likes to write and tell jokes. He is also a comedian.

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