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Tasty! Man caught on video licking doorbell for three hours

If you thought you had someone in your neighbourhood who was weird, wait until you read this particular story... 

Man licking doorbell / YouTube
Man licking doorbell / YouTube

We all have that one random person in our neighbourhood that we all can't help but wonder about. 

One particular man in California has been caught on CCTV footage licking an intercom doorbell for about three hours, and we don't quite know why he did it. 

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Times Live reports that the homeowner said that the system they have alerted them to outside movement, and could not believe their eyes when they saw the footage. 

It is reported that the authorities are still on the lookout for the 33-year-old doorbell licker. 

The cops have said that they have not seen a case such as this before. 

This footage has left us feeling all kinds of uncomfortable. 

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