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SPCA’s new series of adverts has everyone a bit puzzled

We cannot decide whether these adverts will make us want to adopt a pet or not. You be the judge.

#PerfectMatch SPCA

Within every family, there’s always one family member who may be a bit strange and odd but we love them nevertheless. After all you can’t choose your family, right? 

Well, this is the message that the Cape Of Good Hope SPCA’s new adoption campaign aims to get across in their #PerfectMatch. The adverts feature a pet owner giving a testimonial about how happy they are after taking part in the adoption process.

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The series of ads seems pretty normal until they take a spin when family members enter and take part in only what can be described as ‘bizarre’ activities. 

There are hundreds of dogs and cats going through the SPCA for adoption every month, and the message the SPCA is trying to get across is that the next time your human family member drives you crazy you may want to invite a new fury member into your home. But have they got it right?

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While some people have found the adverts hilarious, others are not impressed, like Facebook user Caryl Parsons Kidwell who commented: "Has anyone seen the National SPCA advert on TV? I am totally appalled by the poor taste of the advert. Complaints should be laid." 

Marilyn Knell also found the adverts had completely missed the point. "Really????? What has a half naked man rubbing himself down with oil got to do with adopting an animal or the SPCA?"

We’ve watched the ads and can’t seem to decide whether they were meant to be funny or not? Take a look below and let us know what you think.

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