Mum or dad? Who's your favourite parent?

Mum or dad? Who's your favourite parent?

"Everyone has a favourite parent -who's yours," Bongani and Mags asked KZN on Monday 

parents / pexels
parents / pexels

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Whether we like to admit it, we all have a favourite. Even in trivial things such as friends, colours and family members. Bongani wanted to know from KZN who their favourite parent is. 

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He asked Mags and G-Dog who of their parents they would pick in a heartbeat, and Mags picked her father but would choose to save her mother between the two, given the chance.

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G-Dog picked his dad as his favourite parent, for no particular reason besides the fact that he could have a couple of beers and a relaxed time with him.

Between your parents, who would you pick? Let us know below.

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