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Do your kids know how much you earn?

What gifts do you buy for your children during the festive season, and do they know if you can afford their gift expectations?

santa / pexels
santa / pexels

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Before the show, Mags and G-Dog were talking about Christmas presents - and the difficulties surrounding them.

What gifts do you buy for your children during the festive season? 

Do your children know how much you earn? Are they constantly expecting gifts during Christmas and on their birthdays because they're aware you can afford them... or can't?

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Mags says Daniel asks for expensive gifts, expensive Christmas gifts which she feels she can't afford, but obviously at his young age Daniel doesn't understand why they can't afford this gift at the moment. 

Daniel, as with most children, thinks there's just an endless flow of money. 

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Do your kids understand why they get what they do for their birthdays or Christmas? 

More especially teenage kids, because they have an understanding of money

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