Is dating your friend's or loved one's exes ever okay?

Is dating your friend's or loved one's exes ever okay?

We can't choose who we fall in love with, right? KZN listeners shared their thoughts on the topic this past week with Bongani and Mags.

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This past week, Bongani spoke to us about a topic that everyone pretty much hates to talk about, let alone think about. 

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He asked listeners: "Has it ever happened to you that you’ve been dating someone and then fallen for their best friend or family member?"

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We place so much importance on unwritten social contracts that sometimes it might even mean that we might meet our soulmate but never get to do take it further because we’re obeying these rules that don’t even exist.

Listen to the podcast to hear what KZN listeners had to say.

Watch the video of the Drive team talking to listeners about dating friend's exes:

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