#HomieCourt: 'I don’t want my brother dating my enemy'
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#HomieCourt: 'I don’t want my brother dating my enemy'

This was the case on this week’s edition of Homie Court with Thandolwethu. 


Listen as the Urbanites weigh in on Samke and Melusi’s predicament, or read the details under the podcast.

Samke helped her brother Melusi plan a date for the woman of his dreams. She organised dinner and even bought her flowers.

After the date, Samke saw a post on Facebook that her brother was tagged in, and quickly realised that the woman Melusi was dating is her enemy.

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The woman is the same person that Samke’s first boyfriend cheated on her with in high school.

Now  Samke wants Melusi to stop seeing the woman, but Melusi is not having it. 

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