How materialistic are you, really?
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How materialistic are you, really?

When it comes to clothing, do you buy branded clothing for the quality or for the price and status? 

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You walk into a store, find the perfect outfit and want to buy it. But it doesn't have a popular brand on it, nor is the price tag high enough for it to be deemed 'cool'.

Do you buy it, or walk straight past this perfect outfit?

Would you pay one thousand rand for a branded shirt if there was no branding on it? 

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Materialism is the ‘devotion to material needs and desires, to the neglect of spiritual matters; a way of life, opinion or tendency based entirely upon material interests’. 

Today’s world has become a fully-fledged consumer society, it's all about buying the brand that best speaks aloud on who you are before you yourself speak.

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Do you really believe true quality goes hand in hand with the brand, or is that just a myth we use to feel better about the purchases we make?

Be honest, how do you view brands and branded clothing?

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