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Should you wash your new clothes before you wear them?

You walk into the store, find the dream outfit, and you want to get it on NOW!

Should you wash your new clothes before you wear them?

On Thursday, while grabbing coffee at my usual haunt, a man walked over and kindly complimented me on my outfit and then swiftly moved onto how the tag of my shirt was hanging out. Hark, the size and price tag swinging away happily.

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I told the girls at the studio this story, and their horror wasn't at the wayward tag, but more the fact that I had not washed the top before wearing it.

I must state I am the girl who happily goes to the change room and if I like what I see, I can easily keep the item on my person and head for the till. 

After reading this article, 'Seriously, you should wash new clothes before you wear them', I fear that my usual behaviour may be a thing of the past. I honestly had never thought of the germs the garments carry!

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The article went on to say that the number of people who have tried on that blouse you bought or that dress you decided to splurge on might be a lot higher than we think.

It's fair to say that I cringed a little. I asked some of you on Twitter if you think it is crucial to wash new clothing before wearing it and 58% of you said "yes". 

The read made me consider the types of germs one might find on the garment. Store surveys found clothing with norovirus (highly contagious and can lead to diarrhoea and vomiting) bacteria including strep and staph, and even fecal (poo) germs! I fear a little part of me has been crushed in just a moment. 

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We also need to consider the traces of chemicals left behind on the clothing. Now that I've given you all the facts, let me know after you make the purchase do you wash your clothes or do we wear it immediately after. 

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