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Bongani asks: 'What do women want from men?'

One KZN mom told Bongani that men and women are not at all equal.

Gold chandelier at elevator / Pexels
Gold chandelier at elevator / Pexels

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On his way in to work, Bongani was waiting at the lifts where there was a woman also waiting to get in. As Bongani motioned for her to enter the lift first, she declined and told Bongani to get in. 

After a bit of a fuss, they stared at each other and Bongani eventually decided to get into the lift.

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Bongani wants to know what is the expectation from men? Do women still expect men to hold the door for them, and let them in the lift first or should it just be first come first served?

Main image courtesy of Pexels/Michael Morse

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