A simple iPhone hack to up your texting game

A simple iPhone hack to up your texting game

iPhone users will definitely feel betrayed by this one; a trick that will not only make your life easier, but will also leave you feeling as if you've been lied to your whole life.

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People are always looking for simple hacks that will make their lives easier. So, when iPhone users found out that the cursor can be used to navigate through a text message instead of using - like the article says -'your fat thumb', there was an immense amount of rejoicing.

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According to the article by 'On the air with Ryan Seacrest', it says most users' fingers are a little too large to do that easily, but it turns out that Apple has had you covered this whole time. There is actually a little-known iPhone trick that programmers put in the device for this exact reason. One Twitter user uncovered it and revealed it to the world, and now everyone's minds are blown

Users reacted by saying iPhone never showed them this trick - and that they feel betrayed. 

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Main Image courtesy of On Air with Ryan Seacrest

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