Woman loses it after attempting to 'light up' on plane

Woman loses it after attempting to 'light up' on plane

In addition to breaking an aviation law, she also yelled death threats which terrified many of the passengers on-board the flight.

lighting cigarette on plane

If you're a frequent flyer, you would know that at the start of every flight there is a safety video that has to be screened before the plane departs. One of the non-negotiables on the plane is smoking, and attempting to smoke is a punishable offense by civil aviation law. 

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One woman from Sacramento, USA failed to follow the law and is currently facing jail time for attempting to smoke in the airplane bathroom. A video of her has gone viral showing her yelling at a flight attendant and even threatening to kill everyone on board, according to CBS. It is reported that she attempted to smoke as she felt anxious but did not know why she behaved the way she did. 

So smokers, the next time you feel the urge to smoke on-board, remember that somewhere a woman is facing jail time for failing to follow a simple instruction. 

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Passengers - NO smoking on-board, please! 

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