Woman finds snake with two heads at her home

Woman finds snake with two heads at her home

The two-headed reptile has been safely rescued and kept for use in programs for school children. 

Snake with two heads
Jeannie Wilson/Facebook

A snake is a terrifying creature for many and finding one in your home can be very traumatising, but imagine finding a rare snake that has two heads?!

A woman in North Carolina, USA, took to social media to share a video of a snake she refers to as, 'Double Trouble'. 

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"Ok facebook…anybody out there know of a place that would take Double Trouble here and care for him/her or should I turn it loose?. It’s not poisonous," the caption read.

According to news reports, the woman put it in a jar and later sent it to the science center which plans to keep the rare specimen and use it in its programs for school children.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Jeannie Wilson/Facebook

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