WIN a Satiskin hamper and more amazing prizes!

WIN a Satiskin hamper and more amazing prizes!

Winning is as easy as listening to a podcast!


Winter is upon us and there are different ways we keep warm, like having a cup of coffee, layering up on the clothes or just cuddling your partner or teddy. 

Well, you can still have that but allow us to elevate your experience with a Satiskin hamper and more amazing prizes. It includes amazing Satiskin products like shower gel, bubble bath, and comes with the most amazingly fluffy shower gown. 

Satiskin were the proud sponsors of Darren, Keri, and Sky during April and we do miss them so much. Luckily, we still have one more hamper to give away! You might be the lucky winner. 

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Darren Maule has recorded instructions in this podcast on how to to WIN this Satiskin hamper.

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There are specific words you need for this. 

It could be YOU!

Main Image courtesy of Satiskin

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