"Will you marry..." Marriage proposal goes south, literally

"Will you marry..." Marriage proposal goes south, literally

None of us were ready for the disaster created by a friend during a marriage proposal, especially not the bride-to-be.

Proposal on boat
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Thanks to the internet, we've seen some really creative and tear-jerking marriage proposals. But sometimes things don't go as planned.

A proposal of a man on one knee, asking for his girlfriend's hand in marriage on a boat in the sea, went horrible wrong when his friend decided to throw the ring at him... and yep, you guessed it... it ended up in the water. 

"Are you stupid?!” someone is heard shouting on the clip.

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Thankfully, another friend instantly jumped into the water in an attempt to retrieve it.

Watch the video below:

The video of the couple (identified as Miles Sueharto and Angelina Zalesova) went viral and received a number of comments, including some which drew the conclusion that the friend was jealous or that he had a crush on Angelina.

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However, it actually turns out that the incident was staged and the only person who was not in on it was the lady. Miles Sueharto revealed to ABC 7 News that his friend came up with the idea and that the box thrown into the water was empty, while the ring was safely kept in his best friend’s pocket.

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Watch the full version below:

IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram/ screenshot

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