Why do you rarely see your smartphone in your dreams?

Why do you rarely see your smartphone in your dreams?

We literally always have them in our hands in reality, so why not in other realms? 

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If you are someone who remembers their dreams often, answer this: "Do you remember the one with your smartphone?"

Your answer is most probably a strong, "No", right? 

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You are definitely not the only one because most people either answer similarly or just might not recall the clear sight of their phone in their dreams. 

This is quite interesting taking into account that we are constantly on our phones - personal life, work, social life, and entertainment. 

You interact with it first thing in the morning to stop your alarm, check how late you are whilst driving, send through messages to your colleagues or family and friends, then check your social media when you're back home and end it all by making sure you have set that alarm again.

According to Alice Robb, the author of the book, 'Why We Dream: The Transformative Power of Our Nightly Journey', she shared:

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This was after she was contacted by The CUT regarding this fascinating observation.

Robb continued by sharing that the types of dreams we have help us to process our anxieties and fears. She also notes that they also contribute to our ability to prepare for stressful events. Then you would wonder why when we use it to plan our weddings and our radio shows sometimes, we still don't see our smartphone in our dreams?! 

Is it possible because smartphones are a fairly recent development so many of us won’t recall having seen them in our dreams? Most of us will experience items or people of significance like our family, work, colleagues, sometimes even food. 

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In the meantime, researchers have discovered a small subset of individuals who actually have dreamt about their mobile phones. Their study indicated that 2.6 percent of men and 3.5 percent of women actually have seen their phone in their dreams. Interesting, are you possibly one of them? Let us know. 


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