Who has the Ultimate Wors Power?

Who has the Ultimate Wors Power?

The challenge has been set. Tomorrow, Darren, Natarah and Sky will try to make the best boerewors roll of all time! Of course, no East Coast Breakfast challenge is a challenge without a few speed bumps!

Who has the Ultimate Wors Power?

The Ultimate Wors Power challenge has been thrown down to the East Coast Breakfast team. 

Darren, Natarah and Sky have to prepare the best boerewors roll this Heritage Day. However it won’t be an easy task for our crazy trio. 

The team’s got a few mini challenges to get through. 

Darren has to prepare his boerewors roll using a microwave, served on a roti, lettice and tomato and he only has 4 minutes to prepare. 

Natarah looks like she might just pull this one off.  She has to make a boerie roll on a skottel braai, served on a roll with mayonnaise and has only 8 minutes to prepare it. 

Poor Sky! He’s got the biggest mountain to climb. Our sports guy has to cook his boerewors on a snack wage, served on low GI brown bread with mustard and gherkins with only 2 minutes to whip it up. 

Who do you think will have the Ultimate Wors Power? 

Tune in tomorrow to find out! 

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