What do Tiger Woods, Darren Maule, and Eddie Murphy have in common?

What do Tiger Woods, Darren Maule, and Eddie Murphy have in common?

It's time for another #DKSApproved: the only time it is acceptable (even encouraged) to pick a favourite!

To the naked eye, there might not be a lot of similar characteristics between one of the greatest golf players of all time, our irreplaceable Breakfast show host, and a legendary comedian.

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But you would be mistaken.

It turns out they all do have something in common and that is the fact that they have risen to the top, beat out all the rest, and claimed the three most coveted stamps in history.

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Just to give you an idea of the power this stamp wields:

Some people say these stamps can both cause Tinnitus and cure it simultaneously.

Other’s say the reason Port Elizabeth changed its name was because of a fight caused by this stamp.

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Other reliable sources have confirmed that when this stamp is out of its box, North becomes South and South becomes North for at least a minute.

The point is: whatever the team gives the DKS Stamp of Approval to is a pretty big deal.

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Today we have two items that have been filmed and are to be enjoyed in front of a big screen (possibly with a few snacks) and the final stamp came as a complete surprise, as it was given to someone on the team!

Take a listen below as the team discusses exactly why they are giving their DKS Stamps to these deserving items:

For more of the best Darren, Keri, and Sky moments, listen here:

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