Wendy Knowler answers all your Consumerwatch questions

Wendy Knowler answers all your Consumerwatch questions

Wendy Knowler is arguably South Africa’s most experienced consumer journalist and with the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been giving us her expert consumer advice in relation to all the economic changes that this virus has come with.

Wendy Knowler
Wendy Knowler / Good Things Guy.

Yesterday we gave you the chance to ask your burning questions to a professor on the frontline of Covid-19, Prof. Tulio De Oliveira. That feature did so well, that we got our resident consumer expert, Wendy Knowler, to avail herself for a similar question and answer session in relation to her consumerwatch feature that our listeners love.

Our first caller, Keri from Kloof, asked an important question about tenants and their rights regarding rent. The issue of rent has been tackled in many different ways during the nationwide lockdown, and while landlords have been liaising with their tenants about payment plans that will suit both parties, Wendy did highlight that COVID-19 is no defence not to pay rent - which is sadly unfortunate for the tenant.

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Another caller wanted to know if she was compelled to use sanitiser when she enters a retail store because her doctor has advised her not to use sanitiser due to her eczema, while another listener needed to know if it was a retailer's legal right to reject cash payments because they are afraid of contracting the virus.

Wendy Knowler answered these questions and more during the show.  Click on the podcast below for more consumerwatch:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Wendy Knowler/Good Things Guys

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