Welcome to the Summer of Pop

Welcome to the Summer of Pop!

After the year we have had, everyone deserves a summer to unwind and have the best time with friends and family – and East Coast Radio will make that happen!

Summer of pop
East Coast Radio

East Coast Radio brings you a SUMMER filled with fun! Because you deserve a good ending to a challenging year.

Our promise to our listeners is to ensure they have only the best MUSIC, loads of fun with their FRIENDS & FAMILY and long sunny BEACH DAYS with the people they love. Light the BRAAI stand because it’s going to feel like it’s a HOLIDAY every day!

Over this festive season, you can expect to hear some of the best pop anthems around when we have pop up chart shows and take you down memory lane. 

With popcorn, popsicles, lollipops and so much more, we plan to give you that much added pop to your summer and who knows, we could be popping up in your area too?!

Let's have a fantastic December together!

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