We have been punked! Stacey Norman steals Darren Maule's money

We have been punked! Stacey Norman steals Darren Maule's money

We never saw that coming...

Shocked Breakfast team
Shocked Breakfast team / ECR

Every day at 7:10am, you can catch Darren Maule's Quick Quiz for a chance to win some mega money. Today, we had Margaret on the line from Stanger, but something was a bit fishy about this eager East Coaster.

Margaret is a confident mother who enjoys entering radio competitions and we have no doubt that she is the life of the party. 

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Margaret kicked off Darren Maule's Quick Quiz with a bang, but made a jaw-dropping revelation at the end of the quiz. Listen here:

In celebration of World Radio Day, Stacey Norman took to the airwaves under the alias of Margaret from Stanger (KwaDukuza) and pulled off the prank of the century.

Not only did she win Darren Maule's Quick Quiz, but she stole the money and added it to the kitty of Stacey Norman's Big Music Challenge! 

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We thought it would end there but no, one listener had to get Stacey Norman back for her antics. Listen below: 

You heard that right! Darren Maule tried his luck at Stacey Norman's Big Music Challenge and won.

He stole back the money which means that tomorrow morning at 7:10am, you have a shot at winning R8,000 in Darren Maule's Quick Quiz. 

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TUNE IN to East Coast Breakfast tomorrow from 6am-9am for a chance to WIN. 

Darren Maule's Quick Quiz
Darren Maule's Quick Quiz / ECR


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