"We can't salvage anything because it was lost in the fire," tailor at Isipingo Market

"We can't salvage anything because it was lost in the fire," tailor at Isipingo Market

With his store burnt down during last week's looting, Roy Boodhram is left without any source of income. 


The previous week in KwaZulu-Natal was painful for business owners who saw their many years of hard work come crumbling down in less than an hour. Roy Boodhram, who owned a stall at the Isipingo Market, is one of those people. 

He was nominated for Darren's Tip Jar by his son, Justin, who was feeling terrible for his father as the market was burned down. His father repairs sewing machines and is a tailor, but is left without work and a place to work. The money he made at the market helped sustain his family and put food on the table. 

"We can't salvage anything because it was lost in the fire," Justin shares. 

Take a listen to how grateful Roy was for Darren's Tip Jar contribution and most of all, his son's thoughtfulness and

Ernest is also another recipient of some light from Darren's Tip Jar on this Monday morning. 

He is a sculptor who has worked with the well-known artist Andries Botha for over a decade. 

Unfortunately, their work has been severely impacted by not only the pandemic, but the recent riots in KwaZulu-Natal. 

They have battled to find substantial work since the beginning of the pandemic, but two projects recently came up that seemed to have turned the tide. Unfortunately, the one was a private commission and that person is no longer in a position to pay for the work. The second project was with the municipality and was meant to be a big one. This will obviously no longer be happening anytime in the near future.

In the meantime, Ernest has three children to support. Since the beginning of the pandemic, and the end of all sculptor-related work, he has tried to make security gates and bars for people that live in Mayville, around him, but no one is really in a financial position to pay the true value, so he has found himself having to work for very little profit simply to feed his partner and children.

The other issue is that his partner, who has been financially supporting herself, her children, and her parents, on a basic cashier salary, was employed at the Pinetown CheckSave up until last month, when she was transferred to the CheckSave in Mayville (to be closer to home). That CheckSave no longer stands - it has been ravaged and burnt and it is doubtful that she will have work any time soon. So their only steady stream of income has now completely gone.

Ernest has tried to create something for himself, we hope that Darren's Tip Jar also helps his family. 

Take a listen: 

We are happy to give hope to people who have been affected negatively by the pandemic and the recent riots in KwaZulu-Natal. 

Darren's Tip Jar and Lottoland.co.za are doing their little bit for a second week, hoping to alleviate the burden that families will now have to carry for a while. 

Nominate anyone you know who has been in an unfortunate situation financially, even if it is yourself. 


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