WATCH: Woman rescues snake with bare hands

WATCH: Woman rescues snake with bare hands

The saree-clad woman was identified as a well-known snake rescuer.

Woman rescues snake

A video of a woman dressed in a saree and on a mission to catch a snake has gone viral. 

In the clip, the woman, who has been identified as Nirzara Chitti (a Karnataka-based snake rescuer in India), can be seen using her phone's torchlight to trace the snake and then picking it up calmly with her bare hands by the tail.

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According to the caption on the clip, Chitti was dressed and ready to attend a wedding when she was called to catch a snake in a home.

"She did it without any special equipment with perfect poise in a saree,” parts of the caption read.

Watch the video below:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/Opoyis

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