Watch: Unauthorised driver crashes into intersection in Namibia

Watch: Unauthorised driver crashes into intersection in Namibia

A car wash attendant drove a customer's car, and it took a turn for the worse!

Car wash attendant
Screenshot / Anton Koen

According to News24, a petrol attendant from Walvis Bay, Namibia may be in a bit of trouble after he took it upon himself to get into a customer's car to reverse it from the drying station to the polishing station of a car wash. 

However, we're not sure if the attendant had any driving lessons at all because he lost control of the vehicle causing chaos at a busy intersection. 

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A video shows the vehicle reversing into a car and a bakkie before coming to a standstill against a wall. 

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The vehicle then rolls forward into the intersection, smashing into the bakkie for a second time. It narrowly misses both the car it hit earlier, and the second vehicle on its way back finally coming to a standstill at the petrol station.

Watch the footage below:

Thankfully there were only minor injuries during this incident. Yikes! 

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